E-transcript is an easy to use, powerful software application that is changing the way we at Trawick Reporting & Video and our clients do business together. Now it is possible to accurately, securely and instantly deliver a perfect copy of a certified transcript via e-mail. This transcript is password and virus protected, and encrypted for security.  Not only can you receive your transcript instantly, you'll be getting a value-added transcript in a unique viewer that will allow you to perform instant searches and print a single transcript or condensed transcript copies, all without the need for any special software.

When you download an e-transcript file, simply double-click on it. The transcript will open in its own unique viewing environment, and what you get is an accurate copy of the certified transcript side by side with a hyperlinked word-index.

Faster turnaround. Get your transcript when you need it. Instant secure, accurate electronic delivery.
Page and line number integrity are guaranteed

Safety and security. Password, encryption and virus protection.

No new software needed! You do not need any special software to receive, open, view or print your e-transcript
f ile. All functionality is built into the unique viewing environment.

Instant Navigation. E-transcript gives you the ability to navigate through transcripts with mouse-clicks instead of
highlighters! There is no need to do a word search in another program. The transcript and word-index are hyperlinked
together for instant searching.

Customize your view. You can easily set up different viewing environments, bold Q/A pairs, or view just the transcript.

Printing on demand. Do your own printing right from the e-transcript viewer. Print a single transcript or perform
condensed printing, configure and print the word-index separately, even customize type attributes like fonts and bolding.